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BIPACCO COATINGS, LLC brings over 50 years of cumulative staff experience to your marine and industrial infrastructure painting and coatings supply needs. We specialize in the marine and industrial infrastructure markets. Our staff will furnish complete specifications and alternatives for your every need. We guarantee all our quality work with a written warranty.

BIPACCO COATINGS, LLC is professionally licensed, insured and bonded. We take pride in our bids, leaving no aspect of the job unaccounted for, with never any hidden charges. It is our committment to quality which allows us to offer our unconditional warranties on our products and work.


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BIPACCO COATINGS, LLC prides itself on committment to long-lasting, low VOC products made with non-hazardous raw materials. Our Captain's Choice Enamel line combines brilliant, non-yellowing whites and colors with ease of application. Based on proven TiO2 photocatalytic nanotechnology, Captain’s Eco Choice uses natural UV to reduce VOCs, airborne pollutants and nitrous oxides in a water-reducible formulation. Soyathane is our newest product - a soy-based water soluble organic urethane coating made from renewable materials. We also stock and distribute a wide range of special service epoxies, urethanes, and coatings designed for abrasion-resistance, food-grade service and potable water tank coatings as well as unique applications like shoe painting and a tough urethane for consumer and commercial flooring.

Our paints and coatings are formulated for excellent performance, durability and ease of application, and are currently used on over 200 towboats, 325 tugboats, and 2200 barges.

If you need an environmentally and worker-friendly paint or coating, are looking for cost-effective answers to marine and industrial protective needs, or know exactly what paint or coating you need, call or email BIPACCO COATINGS, LLC today!


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