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Engineer's Choice Protective Coatings: For when lives depend on structures.

Engineer's Choice: America's engineers have designed some of the safest bridges, construction equipment, derricks, storage tanks and other industrial and everyday infrastructure there is, but without a protective coating, anything made of metal, even stainless steel, will eventually face the effects of the oxidizing monster: rust. Engineer's Choice, now safer than ever, goes on as a water based coating, and dries tougher and more long lasting than conventional coatings.

We recommend using Engineer's Choice from the very beginning, to extend the life of bridge trusses, highway underpass metal, barges, rail cars and locomotives, airplanes, industrial pipe, heavy equipment, metal catwalks and anything else made of metal with moving parts or joints and typically left exposed to the elements. Even if an inferior product were originally used, and rust has set in, Engineer's Choice penetrant sealer will stop rust in its tracks. A protective primer/topcoat will help shield the area from further deterioration.

We carry both standard and high-ratio Engineer's Choice products to meet different levels of service and bid requirements.


Engineer's Choice is the best solution for highway and bridge environments which must endure rain, icing, sleet, snow, multiple winter salt treatments, as well as the high temperatures and humidity of Missouri summers. Both concrete and steel members expand and contract with temperature changes, day and night and over unpredictable Midwest seasons. This bridge at Caruthersville, was last coated in December, 2009. After five years it looks as good as the day it was painted. Engineer's Choice is formulated to stay in service for a decade. Quality such as this is true economy for your coating and anti-rust, anti-corrosion needs.

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The answer may be Engineer's Choice.

Directions for Applying Engineer's Choice HRCSA sealers and topcoats are on the product data sheets below.The same directions apply to Series 12 coatings.

SDS Product Data Sheets: these sheets are in Adobe pdf format. If you have Adobe Reader 8 or later, they should open on download. Acrobat Reader is available free from Adobe Acrobat Reader.

BIPACCO COATINGS, LLC works with other coatings specialists to meet customer specifications. Have a special need? We'll find an economical, long-lasting and environmentally safe solution.

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