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BIPACCO COATINGS, LLC can furnish you with the best paints and coatings bar none. We take pride in our full range of user and environmentally friendly products, most of which are water or mineral spirit based.

Our four major product lines are:

Captain's Choice are our marine enamels formulated to protect metal from corrosion in both fresh water and salt water environments.
Eco-Tred is our new addition: an eco-friendly water-resistant non-skid surface coating for 1000s of industrial and home uses.
Engineer's Choice is our workhorse coating for bridges, engine rooms and exteriors where toughness is essential. Water-reducible or conventional Low VOC formulations. Captain's EcoChoice Based on proven TiO2 photocatalytic nanotechnology, this paint reduces VOCs, airborne pollutants & nitrous oxides using natural UV in a water-reducible formula.

BIPACCO,COATINGS, LLC invites you to page through our Product Data Sheets and see which of our applications fit your needs. Visit our Examples and Success pages to see how our products perform on water and land.

Directions for Applying Captain's Choice Products.

MSDS Product Data Sheets: these sheets are in Adobe pdf format. If you have Adobe Reader 8 or later, they should open on download. Acrobat Reader is available free from Adobe Acrobat Reader

BIPACCO COATINGS, LLC works with other coatings specialists to meet customer specifications. Have a special need? We'll find an economical, long-lasting and environmentally safe solution.

Whatever your marine or industrial infrastructure paint or coating need, give BIPACCO COATINGS, LLC a call. We will be happy to help!


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