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BIPACCO COATINGS, LLC is in business to serve you, the marine and industrial infrastructure customer. We specialize in paint and coatings solutions for inland and marine vessels, bridges, barges, commercial roofs, oil and gas storage and other industrial infrastructure exposed to the weather or corrosive conditions.

BIPACCO COATINGS, LLC helps you preserve your investment by making it last longer, function better and in the case of external applications, preserve its appearance while in service.

BIPACCO COATINGS' paint and coating technicians will do whatever it takes to meet your in service requirements. We do site visits to assess your needs, and to train your crew to apply our products in the most economical and safe manner. We furnish technical specifications on all our products. Advice from one of our experienced staff is just a phone call away.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing plant excels in producing paint and coatings with qualities all industries require: performance, economy, and user-friendliness. Call or email us today with specs for your upcoming job, and ask us for a quote. Let us show you what service really is.


Telephone: 573-885-2506
Fax: 573-885-2565