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BIPACCO COATINGS, LLC values our customers. Below are some examples of customers who have benefitted from our quality work, and who back that up by allowing us to show what we have done for them.

Bipacco Coatings and the Barge Industry

Exterior Barge Painting. This 160 x 50 x 8 spud barge was sandblasted and coated with two-coat epoxy system 12 mils DFT. Interior Barge Painting. We tailor our interior coatings to the customer's specifications, warrantied to the material and the customer's satisfaction.

Bipacco Coatings and the Boat Industry

Exterior Boat Applications. This vessel was powertool cleaned (SP-3) and a
4 mil coat of universal epoxy applied. The job was finished with a 2 mil coat of Captain's Choice of America urethane.
Protecting the Deck. After sandblasting, this deck was coated with a two-coat epoxy system at 8 mils DFT.

This vessel came to us with a sound anti-corrosive paint system intact. We applied Captain's Choice of America urethane enamel over existing undercoats to sharpen the boat's image. The job was then warranted for 3 years.

Bipacco Coatings and Potable Water Tank Treatments
BIPACCO COATINGS, LLC knows the importance of quality materials for potable water tanks. We will come to your site, properly prepare the surface with waterjetting, then apply a proven coatings system which has achieved 10 years of continuous service. (Click image at left for 'before' condition closeup, and right image of the finished job.)

Specification for Potable Water Tank Coating

Bipacco Consumer and Contractor Uses


BIPACCO COATINGS, LLC is always looking for unique uses for its products. Durathane, a water-reducible clear coating outperforms most oils and petroleum-based floor coatings which are expected to protect hardwoods from the scrapes and grinding abuse of a basketball team or just an active family.

Other Captain's Choice paints hit the high-fashion runway as durable shoe paint, theatrical set paint, or other special needs you cannot get off the shelf at the discount hardware store. Our quality surpasses most of our competitors in most applications, and if it doesn't, we find out why.

OUR NEWEST ADDITION, Eco-Tred, is a nonskid, safety-footing surface equally at home on the factory floor or pool side. Our Zero VOC formulation, and non-hazardous materials make it safe to apply, easy to walk on, and easy to repair. It resists abrasion under normal use, and is eco-friendly, because it is made of recycled materials.

FROM SPACE TO YOUR PLACE. One of our protective coatings was commissioned by NASA for the space shuttle program, and we've been sourced for the international space station. If you have something that needs protecting, from bridges to light poles, from corrosive industrial places to a bluewater dock or even some house paint in environment where you feel you are constantly painting, CALL US and talk to our in-house experts for a solution.



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Whatever your marine or industrial infrastucture paint or coating need, give BIPACCO COATINGS, LLC a call. We will be happy to help!


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